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Carotid Duplex Scan - Mobile Ultrasound Specialists

Philadelphia Carotid Duplex ScanBlocked or narrowed arteries of the neck that can cause dizziness, loss of vision, paralysis, weakness, numbness or other symptoms of a stroke.

Evaluate blood flow after a stroke or other condition that may be caused by a problem with blood flow. Monitor the flow of blood vessel surgery.

Determine the presence, amount and location of arterial plaque. Plaque in the carotid arteries can reduce blood flow to the brain and may increase the risk of stroke.

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Signs and Symptoms - Carotid Duplex Scan

Stenosis without Stroke Stenosis with Stroke Amaurosis Fugax
Hemiplegia Subclavian Steal Syndrome Syncope
Vertebral Insufficiency Cerebral Aneurysm Dizziness
ASCVD Speech Defects Vertigo
Cerebral Ischemia Post Op Loss of Balance
Bruit Headaches  
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