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Venus Evaluation - Mobile Ultrasound Specialists

south Jersey Venus Evaluation - Mobile Ultrasound Specialist It can reveal blood clots in the leg and arms, (deep vein thrombosis) that could break loose and block blood flow to the lungs, (pulmonary embolism).

Blood clots in the deep veins can cause leg pain, arm pain, swelling and can increase a person's risk of pulmonary embolism. Evaluate for abnormal veins causing varicose veins or other problems.

Map veins that may be used for blood vessel grafts. It also can evaluate the condition of grafts used to bypass blockages in arms or legs.

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Signs and Symptoms - Lower & Upper Extremity Venus Evaluation

Thrombophlebitis of Superficial Veins Thrombophlebitis of Deep Veins Gangrene
Shortness of Breath Varicosities with or without ulcer Swelling in Limb
Painful Respirations Edema Pain in Limb
Post Op Care Wheezing  
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